Top 10 Unique Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

Find inspirations with a collection of Best 10 cool and unique Mothers Day gifts ideas and Make your Mom, Friend, or wife feel special on her mother’s day

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

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Here comes the day on the calendar where we momentarily leave our busy lives and share our love for the one who’s always there for us, our Mom.
Mother’s Day, especially this year, when most of us are away from our mom, in quarantine is a wonderful day to show our love from afar and unwind her with a token of appreciation.
This list of Top 10 Unique Mothers Day Gifts Ideas is by far the most diverse I could think of! Loaded with ideas and inspirations ready to delivered straight to her door. 

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

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Make this Mother’s Day Memorable with the Best Unique Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

1} Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit 

Let’s agree that growing this bonsai tree will be much simpler than what mom went through to raise you (; And it’s a starter kit. Coms with 4 types of miniature bonsai tree seeds and everything she will need including a beautiful wooden gift box that makes a perfect unique gift Idea for Mothers Day.

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

2} Original Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

A thoughtful gift idea for Moms is this 100% Natural Rose Quartz Face Massager. An anti-aging facial roller that will do wonders to her facial skin and its coolness feels so good, she is definitely adored.

* For more ideas on ‘spa at home’ tools check out my post on 10 Best Tools for a Spa Day at Homelick here

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

3} Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection Sampler Pack

This assorted box is a thoughtful, efficient gift for Moms. It has the added benefit of being a “mystery bag” so she can try a new flavor each time and dive in. I personally LOVED the adventure of this variety pack though! It’s well worth the money (maybe except for that nasty Kahlua one) and it’ll give you a ton of variety from day to day/morning to morning!  

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

4} Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

This beautifully designed Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oil Set is undoubtedly a gift any mother would thrill for. The light wood grain of this diffuser makes it a lovely home or bedroom decor item. It’s the ultimate aromatherapy set, coms with a great variety of 10 therapeutic ESSENTIAL PLANT OILS that adds a sense of relaxation to any room. 

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

5} Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit 

Moms deserve to be spoiled, but Most moms are so busy and simply don’t have the time for a nail salon treat. This nail extension gel kit is a wonderful idea for mom’s gift and will definitely make her feel pampered.

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

6} Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

Taylors Tea Variety Box is perfect for gifting, what could be better than 48 different flavor teas to enjoy? There is something very peaceful and relaxed about drinking tea, the whole ritual of it is simply delightful! The real secret of getting the most out of this product is to combine the teas to make any number of flavors options are limitless.

Classic Tea Variety Box

7} Bath Bombs Gift Set 

Adorable, functional, and relaxing handcrafted natural ingredients bath bombs uniquely gift sets for Mother’s Day. They all have gorgeous fragrance, some will have color, and others contain flower petals. Such a cute gift box idea with a great variety.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

8} Peter Thomas Roth Jet, Set, Facial! Kit

pamper her with this luxurious facial on the go kit! It’s a ‘must-have’ travel kit from Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care. Including, Cloud Cream Cleanser, Peeling Gel, Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer, and Cucumber Gel Mask Hydrator, this kit has all the essentials for mom’s skincare.

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

9} Spa Bliss-In-A-Basket

Deliver Bliss-In-A-Basket straight to her doorstep and create the definitive at-home spa experience from start to finish! Mother’s Day is all about pampering! These bath & body gift baskets are handcrafted packed with amazing goodies from bath bombs to exfoliating gloves and foot scrubber, just the perfect treat for Mother’s Day.

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

10} Oh! Nuts Chocolate Cookie Gift Baskets

This Chocolate dipped sandwich cookies gift box is simply a ‘treat of joy’. A handmade and hand-decorated family-owned business makes this gourmet cookie dipped into a luscious creamy chocolate coating then garnished with chocolate icing, candied tidbits, and nut crunch. Makes mom’s a sweet Mother’s Day! 

 Cookie Gift Baskets


I encourage you to use the DIY concept and make your own Unique Mothers Day Gifts. Start by finding a beautiful box, decorate it, and put in items that you know your mom loves, real things from your heart that are not necessarily shelf products but also small gestures. Most importantly, don’t give up ON a Mother’s Day greeting card. I’m sure she’ll love it and be grateful just as you are with her. 

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