TagBand-Skin Tag Removal Review

skin tag removal patch review

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Before we start the TagBand-Skin Tag Removal Patch Review, you need to learn about what is a skin tag. Skin tags are benign, noncancerous tumors or cysts of the skin. They are made up of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and epidermis. Areas where skin tags commonly appear are on the neck, eyelids, upper chest, groin, armpits, under breasts, and in the folds of the buttocks or groin. Since skin tags are painless, they often go unnoticed especially if they are not in areas of the body where they are easily seen, touched, or brushed by jewelry or clothing. Due to irritation, Skin tags that frequently rub against clothing or jewelry should probably be removed. Skin tag removal from the facial or underarm area can make shaving easier.

TagBand-Skin Tag Removal Review

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What You Should Know Before Buying TagBand Skin Tag Removal Patch

Skin tag removal can be performed by a doctor or at home with a safe and suitable skin tag removal. In the case of skin tag on eyelid, it is usually advisable that an ophthalmologist or specialist eye doctor perform the skin tag removal in order to prevent the risk of injuring the eyelid area, especially near the eyelid margin.

TagBand-Skin Tag Removal Review


A safe and uncomplicated way to get rid of a skin tag yourself at home is with TagBand or Auto TagBand. TagBand is a skin tag removal patch device that causes the skin tag to fall off by cutting off the skin tag’s blood supply. It works within a few days. TagBand has kits for the removal of either small to medium or medium to large skin tags. Both TagBand and Auto TagBand include ten bands and cleansing pads for multiple uses.


First, cleanse the skin tag and the area immediately surrounding the skin tag with one of the supplied cleansing pads. Next push one of the bands up to the top section of the cone of the device. Attach the band remover. Make sure that the band remover touches the band, and push the band close to the edge of the cone. Place the cone over the skin tag and place the cone level with the skin’s surface. Push the band remover towards the skin, and pull the cone away. The band will be securely fastened onto the base of the skin tag. It will reduce the skin tag’s blood supply right away. The skin tag will be removed In a few days.

Using Auto TagBand is similar to TabBand, but it’s a little bit easier. You lightly clean the skin tag and the immediate area around it with the provided cleaning pads. Place a band onto the loader. Attach the loader onto the end of the Auto TagBand device and push the band up the loader until the band drops off then remove the loader. Place the end of the device over the skin tag and once the device is level with the skin’s surface push the button. The band will be fastened around the base of the skin tag, and within a few days the skin tag will fall off.

TagBand-Skin Tag Removal Review

Auto TagBand is ideal for removing a skin tag on the neck or any area of the body that might be difficult to reach easily because you only have to push one button once the band is loaded into the device.
One of the benefits of Auto TagBand is Simplicity of operation – A one-handed single button to push design to be suitable for treatment in areas that are difficult to reach such as Skin Tag on the neck or upper parts of the body.


1. Can TagBand or Auto TagBand be used to remove skin tags and moles?
~TagBand and Auto TagBand removal patch devices can only be used on skin tags. It is not meant to remove moles or warts.

2. Is TagBand safe?
TagBand is a removal patch device that is safe and simple to use, but it is not suitable for anyone who has an allergy to rubber because the bands in TagBand are made of rubber. It’s also best to consult your doctor if you have any concerns before using any medical device on your own.

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